Cool and Funny Zombies Coloring Book

First zombie coloring book appropriate for 3 – 5 years old kids – now available at Amazon

Cool and Funny Zombies Coloring Book - buy now at Amazon!

Finally, a coloring book about zombies that is fully appropriate for preschoolers and might be an awesome Halloween activity for kids of all ages. Book contains 25 humorous pictures of various zombies – only original artwork created by artist with more than 15 years of experience. These are not pirated images or stock clip-art that you can find unfortunately in a large number of the fake coloring books on Amazon today. Big pictures are not too simple but not too detailed – just right.

There are: zombie school boy, zombie school girl, zombie teacher, zombie plumber, zombie construction worker, zombie cable guy, zombie mailman, zombie neighbor, zombie hairdresser, zombie chef, zombie soccer player, zombie mad scientist, zombie pirate, zombie rock guitarist, zombie pizza delivery guy, zombie hockey player, zombie cowboy, zombie basketball player, zombie baseball player, zombie truck driver, zombie hot dog vendor, zombie skater boy, zombie firefighter, zombie doctor and zombie dad’s boss.

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